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Whether you identify as a DIY’er, scroll through Pinterest in your free time, or simply enjoy crafting on occasion, you’ve likely heard of Cricut. In recent years, the DIY-ers have embraced the high-end crafting machine brand, whose multi-tasking cutting gadgets make crafting easier and faster.

The brand offers models at various price points, but they all have roughly the same purpose: To cut shapes and designs in a variety of materials, eliminating the need for scissors or an X-acto knife. The gadget can do a lot, including embossing, engraving, drawing and scoring paper or cardboard to create custom mugs, jewelry, stencils, stickers, greeting cards or decals for clothing. 

Like many smart gadgets, Cricut can be controlled via Bluetooth and downloadable free apps, including Cricut Design Space, similar to Photoshop, and Cricut Joy, available for computers, tablets and phones. A library of around 1,000 images and more than 15 fonts, and the option to make a la carte digital purchases, both come with the free membership, while standard ($96 per year) and premium ($120 per year) memberships include more than 200,000 images, 700 fonts, thousands of ready-to-make projects and other perks. 

Which model should you invest in? CBS Essentials researched all the Cricut models and sourced out the best deals of the moment.

Cricut Joy


This entry-level option could be the ideal choice for a beginner DIY’er. It can create labels and custom graphics for T-shirts; cut patterns for photo frames; and create decals to customize anything, including mugs, phone cases and water bottles. Anyone who crafts on-the-go may appreciate its compact size. 

Cricut Joy, $121 (reduced from $160)

Cricut Explore Air 2


A more fully equipped Cricut, the Explore Air 2 is a true workhorse. It cuts up to 100 materials more quickly and precisely than the Joy, using commercial-grade technology to control the direction of its blade and the cutting pressure to match different materials.

Cricut Explore Air 2, $149 (reduced from $250)

Cricut Maker


This overachiever handles all the same tasks as the Explore Air 2, but quickly and accurately cuts more than 300 materials, ranging from delicate paper and fabric to tougher matboard, leather and basswood. Quilters gravitate toward this model, thanks to its efficient work with fabric. 

Cricut Maker, $229 (reduced from $369)

Cricut Maker 3


Cricut recently released the deluxe Maker 3, which handles all the same projects as the Maker but twice as fast. It’s also compatible with an expandable suite of tools that can cut, score, …….


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