What gadgets can we get them this year? –

Techie gadgets have established themselves on our annual Christmas lists. A new mobile phone, computer, a tablet or a device for the youngest ones. Are there more? Yes, there are more. There is a plethora of solutions to choose from, ranging from different ways to feed pets, air purifiers or gadgets so we don’t lose the photos on our phones.


ince digital cameras appeared, the habit of printing photographs has disappeared. Now they are stored on mobile phones, hard drives, tablets… But memories end up being lost among so many devices and folders, and it can be hard to find a specific photo.

Photosticks are USB keys that include software specialised in finding media files.

You only have to plug it into a computer and run the programme, which will find the media and will classify it accordingly, and even avoids duplicating any files. There are USBs of up to 128GB and some come with adaptors to connect them to mobile phones.

Robot vacuum

It’s one of those gadgets which you think aren’t worth the money, but whoever does won’t regret it.

It’s especially suitable for people who have spacious homes and with little furniture, given that when it detects an obstacle it moves back. There are even those that also mop the floor and other models have HEPA filters for people with allergies.

Subscription to a video platform

Nowadays, many people are subscribed to a video streaming platform, but there are too many to pay for all of them. A subscription of one or several months for those who like a particular type of film, series or programmes is a very good gift. In that time, the subscriber can get an idea of whether they’re interested in the platform after the subscription ends.

Record player

Vinyl went through a rough patch with the rise of digital music services, but they never disappeared entirely. In the last few years they’ve experienced a rebirth because some people prefer the way they sound.

Now there are record players of all shapes and sizes, ranging from 100 to 1,000 euros, for the more demanding of users.

Wireless charging stations

This gadget recharges the battery of elegible devices without the need for cables. You only need to place them on the base of the charger for it to come into contact with the electromagnetic field.

Programmable plugs

Bearing in mind the rise of electricity prices, any measure that saves on energy consumption will be welcome.

With programmable plugs, standby power consumption can be reduced if the devices are unplugged during the hours of non-use. This way there is no need to remember plugging and unplugging devices on a daily basis.


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