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Tech-infused pet gadgets have come a long way. From a litter box that automatically cleans itself to technology that’s giving our pets a voice, buttons designed to allow your dog to communicate with you, new products are emerging all the time as a nascent pet tech market tries to cater to a nation of animal lovers.

We’ve rounded up the most notable pet tech products aimed at making pet-owning easier and that you can currently buy.


Have you ever wondered what your dog would say if it could speak to you? The dream of being able to communicate with your dog is coming closer to reality with the launch of FluentPet’s  new app-connected talking button system. The buttons, or hextiles, come in a pack, and you can pick the words to each button that motivate your pet.

For example, you can train your pet to push if it’s hungry, needs to go outside or wants to play.

At CES, the company announced FluentPet Connect, a new app that notifies owners when their dog presses a button and collects data on how the buttons are used.


Smart collars are one of the important things that a dog owner must have this 2023. The Wagz Freedom Smart Dog Collar uses GPS tech (know your dog’s location within 10 feet) to allow owners to track their dog’s steps, map walks, and monitor their dog’s “Health and Happiness Score” on the Wagz app, using daily exercise, sleep time, breed and more to help monitor your pup.

The collar also offers a shock-free “wireless fence” feature that uses GPS technology to construct geofences that redirect your dog away from invisible borders outside your home. If your dog crosses one of the keep out zones, the collar will correct them using sound and vibration, and the collar redirects your dog rather than shocking them.


If you wonder what your dog is doing while you’re not home, the Petcube Bites 2 Lite is an interactive Wi-Fi pet monitoring camera that is also a budget-friendly treat tosser — all while it keeps an eye on your pet.

And if you have a pet that is especially treat-motivated or a little anxious when you’re not there, you can toss them treats however frequently you want using the smartphone app.


If you think a robot vacuum is a godsend, then you’ll love a robotic litter tray that self-cleans. Litter-Robot is an automatic self-cleaning litter box for your cat. This unconventional but clever piece of engineering is by far the most elegant solution I’ve seen to keeping a litter box turd-free. Because it’s an automatic machine, Litter-Robot reduces the odors inside your home. The litter box is Wi-Fi-enabled, which lets users keep track of the waste and litter levels through an app.


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