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Handy tech products you can use in the comfort of your homes

If you’re one of those people who are still apprehensive to go out or are just too busy to squeeze in some self-care time out of the house, then these discounted beauty gadgets are for you.

A fairly new player in the beauty tech industry, Ckeyin launches its wide array of hair and skincare gadgets with deals that are too good to resist. Here are some that are worth checking out in Shopee Beauty.

We all have those hair strands that we shave off or wax off on a regular basis, but what if there’s an easier—and permanent—way to say goodbye to them? Try their IPL Permanent Hair Removal Device. It has strong light pulses that directly eradicate hair follicles. The light is mild on the skin but works on stopping hair growth. It also has photon rejuvenation function that nurtures the skin, and it also has skin automatical sense design that only lets the device flash when the laser head touches the skin. It comes in two flash modes, manual and automatic.

Don’t we all just hate those “dark spots” that we see on our noses? Get rid of those black heads with the Electric Blackhead Remover that features a high-tech vacuum suction technology that takes out blackheads, acne, lipids, and more. It has three suction levels, and can help improve skin vitality, unclog pores, and aids in skin tightening. Best of all? It can be charged via USB.

Missing facials? Then this 7-in-1 EMS Facial LED Light Therapy will do the trick. With seven modes and three gears, it can cater to the different needs of your skin and even to different skin types. There are four LED light options that is turned on by photo light with one press of the power button—red , blue, orange, and colorful. Each color serves a need such as lifting and firming, skin elasticity improvement, wrinkles removal, skin rejuvenation and whitening, muscle soothe and massage, and better nutrition absorption.






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