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CES, the annual Consumer Electronics Show, which is one of the biggest technology events, is all set to return to its regular old in-person format in 2022. The event that sees new announcements and product launches take place in Los Angeles each year, went all-digital in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Ahead of the show, the Consumer Technology Association(CTA), the organisation that hosts CES, confirmed that 1,800 exhibitors across 44 tech categories have registered to appear at CES.

CES 2022 will start on January 5 through to January 8 next year. Given it is taking place in the middle of a pandemic, there will be an online element as well. For safety, some venues have changed how they circulate air, and the event will require proof of COVID-19 vaccination from attendees as well.

There will be several new categories at CES 2022, including food tech, space tech, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), among others. Companies to watch include TuSimple, which will be showcasing its autonomous trucks. From India, seven companies have signed up to exhibit, and five of them are in the event’s startup area — Eureka Park. Enverde Altifarm and H-Bots Robotics are to name a few.

Air taxis are also among the trends expected to feature in the upcoming CES 2022. Sierra Space is gearing up to showcase a space plan at CES, while Beyond Honeycomb will be featuring an AI-enabled robot that can recreate restaurant meals. Coinbase and Autograph, well-known companies in the NFT space are also participating.

Gadgets 360 spoke to Brian Moon, Vice President, Sales and Business Development, Consumer Technology Association to know a bit more about CES 2022 plans and early trends. Edited excerpts follow:

For the first time in the CES’ over five-decade history, the event moved online in 2021. As it returns to its physical venues in Las Vegas in the coming year, how is the event planning going?

Brian Moon: Certainly, like all of us the entire world had to adapt and change during the pandemic. The positive story for us is technology is one of those things we took advantage of to keep us connected, safe and healthy. For CES, the all-digital event this past January in CES 2021, it still brought the industry together when we couldn’t gather together physically and allowed businesses to continue and innovation to continue happening. But technology as important as it is, it cannot replace face-to-face interaction. It’s going to be a reunion of technology leaders, policymakers, buyers, retailers, and media from around the world. Many attendees are going to see colleagues and partners for the first time in over 21 months.

We already have more than 1,700 companies committed to exhibit and thousands of attendees registered from around the world. So, it’s looking to be a phenomenal event next month. There will be people who are unable to travel to the United States for whatever reason and we will have a digital venue for CES 2022. Any attendees that are on the digital venue will still be able to experience CES and the influence by connecting with exhibitors and attendees. There will also be an opportunity to watch live keynotes.



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