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When it comes to showcasing innovative products that influence the future of tech, CES is the king of the hill. If you want to debut an exciting new gadget, there’s no place to do it better than the Consumer Electronics Show, the annual conference in Las Vegas where technology companies show off their upcoming products. With CES 2022 nearing, everyone’s eager to see the latest and greatest that the consumer electronics space has to offer.

Every year we get to discover exciting new products at CES, and 2021 was no exception.

We ended up awarding 15 products across various categories in our annual Best of CES awards. While there’s no denying that CES is the place where pnew roducts are introduced, not all of them reach the final stage of being commercially available to the masses. For better or worse, a decent amount of vaporware is released at CES, and you never quite know if that groundbreaking folding laptop or adorable robot will actually reach store shelves.

Knowing that, we’re revisiting our list from last year to let you know how each of our award winners turned out.

Some are pretty obvious, while others are a bit more surprising — so keep on reading to find out where to find the best products of CES 2021.

Sony Bravia XR A90J OLED TV

Sony’s OLED TV made huge waves during CES 2021, earning top spot honors in our awards. Not surprisingly, it lived up to expectations when it went on sale. Utilizing its new micro-LED technology, Sony delivered a smart TV with outstanding image quality paired nicely with excellent sound. The Sony Bravia XR A90J is a fine example of how a product executes its life cycle from making a splash at CES, all the way to winning broad appraise from critics and users in being a top-notch TV for the home.

sony-bravia-xr-a90j-oled-tv, best gadgets of ces 2021

Buy: Sony XR55A90J $2,499.99

HD Medical HealthyU Remote Patient Monitor

Healthcare and tech collided with the introduction of the HealthyU Remote Patient Monitor at CES 2021. With the ability to measure an assortment of metrics such as heart sounds, lung sounds, blood oxygen levels, temperature, respiratory rate, and blood pressure, a gadget that does all of them is sure to make an impression. However, there has been very little in the way of general availability — it doesn’t seem like it’s launched yet, which highlights the problem with many ambitious health tech products that debut at CES.

healthy u, best of ces 2021

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Given Samsung’s track record with its line of Galaxy smartphones, it wasn’t long after CES before the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra went on sale to set the bar for the rest of the phones released in 2021. Remarkable in every way, the Galaxy S21 Ultra turned out …….


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