The Best Viral TikTok Gadgets of 2021 – msnNOW

Let’s be honest: You made some purchases this year thanks to TikTok (join the club). There really isn’t a better way to find out about some of life’s greatest hacks and timesavers than a viral clip highlighting a gadget. From clever ways to chop a watermelon to the best family-approved carpet cleaner—there are so many amazing TikTok finds out there….but there’s also a lot of noise.

To help narrow down your search, we rounded up our favorite gadgets from videos we watched over and over again. We even included a smart toaster that ensures your morning and toast are golden. Think of this as a recap of the best moments of 2021 that we’re sure to bring with us going into the new ye…….

Best of CES 2021: Where Are These Award-Winning Gadgets Now? – Yahoo Lifestyle

When it comes to showcasing innovative products that influence the future of tech, CES is the king of the hill. If you want to debut an exciting new gadget, there’s no place to do it better than the Consumer Electronics Show, the annual conference in Las Vegas where technology companies show off their upcoming products. With CES 2022 nearing, everyone’s eager to see the latest and greatest that the consumer electronics space has to offer.

Every year we get to discover exciting new products at CES, and 2021 was no exception.

We ended up awarding 15 products across various categories in our annual Best of CES awards. While there’s no denying that CES is the place where pne…….

From Pong to Polaroid: the best retro Christmas gadgets from the 70s, 80s, and 90s – Daily Star

From Black Friday to the Playstation Store, Christmas is the time of year that everyone looks to pick up some new gadgets.

But while the gadgets change every year, increasing in number and sophistication, tech’s place on our collective Christmas lists has been set in stone for decades.

That’s thanks to some amazing retro gadgets which, when released, were so cutting-edge that they changed the course of technology forever.

Since the 1970s, we’ve been gadget mad. From the Walkman to the Gameboy, here’s the biggest retro Christmas gadgets that ruled the holidays decades ago—and spawned legacies that live on with us even today.

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Earphones, headphones, mouse at jaw dropping prices at Gadgets Now – Times of India

Be it attending a virtual office meeting, listening to your favorite music, or binge-watching your favorite series, headphones have become a crucial accessory. And if you are planning to buy mobile and laptop accessories at the best prices, then look no further as Gadgets Now has got mobile and laptop accessories at a jaw-dropping price. Bring home the in-Ear headphones, pen drives, or mouse all at amazing prices.

So, here is a sneak peek at the deal:


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10 most visited websites in 2021 – Gadgets Now

If someone were to ask you which is most visited website in the world, chances are you will say Google. However, according to cloud services company Cloudflare, the Sundar Pichai-led company isn’t really the most visited website of 2021. Instead it is short video sharing platform TikTok which reigned supreme as was the most visited website in the world. There are a few other surprises as well on this list. Read on to find out more.


Even though it is banned in India, TikTok claims to have 1 billion monthly active users. Owned by ByteDance, the app clearly is getting a lot of traffic from various parts of the world.


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These Kitchen Gadgets Will Save You Time This Holiday Season – Gadgets Africa

Whether you are a pro chef, amateur chef or basically just starting out in the kitchen, we are all looking for ways to cut down the hours in the kitchen. With this holiday season and having family over, it means lots of prepping and cooking time. Even though your kitchen activities increase during this holiday period, the days have not gotten longer.

You still have the same 24 hours in a day and still have to make sure everyone eats and celebrates accordingly. Time is precious this holiday season so we compiled a list of kitchen gadgets that will help you power through like a pro.

Von Immersion Blender

Also known as a hand blender, it is a multi-purpose…….

Fancy Las Vegas Gadget Convention CES Is Still On, Despite Omicron, and Absolutely Everyone Pulling Out – SFist

Organizers of the usually trend-setting trade show CES are determined to play chicken with surging COVID-19 case rates, but their biggest brands and keynote speakers are dropping out minute by minute.

In a normal year, the first week of January marks the annual tech pilgrimage to a Las Vegas trade show called the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), where the best and brightest industry leaders, PR flacks, and booth babes get together to tell themselves “Oh, this is definitely the year people will start buying those curved TVs!” (Seriously, they’re still trying to make curved TVs happen.) But even though 2022 hasn’t started yet, we can already tell it will not be a normal year. …….

LOOK: Up to 80% off on these beauty gadgets – Manila Bulletin

Handy tech products you can use in the comfort of your homes

If you’re one of those people who are still apprehensive to go out or are just too busy to squeeze in some self-care time out of the house, then these discounted beauty gadgets are for you.

A fairly new player in the beauty tech industry, Ckeyin launches its wide array of hair and skincare gadgets with deals that are too good to resist. Here are some that are worth checking out in Shopee Beauty.

We all have those hair strands that we shave off or wax off on a regular basis, but what if there’s an easier—and permanent—way to say goodbye to them? Try their IPL Permanent Hair Removal Device. It …….

Huawei’s New Gadgets Look Cool As Hell, but Good Luck Buying Them – Gizmodo

Photo: Huawei

Huawei today announced a bunch of new devices, but like most of its products, folks living in the U.S. probably won’t be able to buy them anytime soon (if at all). And unfortunately these aren’t the type of gadgets where you can easily find an alternative; we’re talking about a new foldable phone with an eye-catching design, the latest in Huawei’s critically praised MateBook X laptop series, and a pair of smart glasses with cervical spine health features.

Here is a rundown of what most of us will likely miss out on.

Huawei P50 Pocket

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21 Best Christmas Gifts For Men: Gadgets For Dad, Husband, Boyfriend & Brother – International Business Times

Shopping for gifts is always hard, especially when it comes to the men in your life as they can be very picky.

Still, finding the perfect gift and seeing their face lit up when they open it makes going through all that effort worth it. 

To help you out, we listed 21 of the best Christmas gift gadgets that are always good to gift to your dad, husband, boyfriend, or brother. Order now so you’ll have the best Christmas gifts ready.

Best Gadget Gifts this Christmas

GoPro HERO10 Black Action Camera Photo:

The GoPro has always been a popular gadget for men so make sure you check out the HERO10. Featuring 23mp and 5.3k video at 60fps, it’s…….